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What Are We To Make Of Marshawn Lynch?

Image Credit: Daniel Gluskoter/Icon SMI

Remember “Beast Mode”? Remember his first two years where he averaged almost 1,100 yards and seven TDs per year on the ground, plus an additional 30 catches per year? Why can’t he be that productive young stud again? I think he can.


Justin Forsett isn’t anyone you need to worry about- he’s a third down back and everyone knows it, which is why the “Hawks traded for Lynch. Sure, you look at his numbers once he was traded and they don’t jump off the page. But in a time not that long ago, NFL teams never made trades during the season, let alone made one and then expected the player to produce that season. Because it’s incredibly difficult to grasp a new playbook that fast, regardless of the position.


Remember- Lynch wasn’t traded due to a lack of production. Rather, it was for off the field “indiscretions”, an ankle injury, the drafting of CJ Spiller in the first round and the steady production of Fred Jackson. It feels like he’s older but he’s only 25 years old, and has only had 322 carries in the last two years.  He’s primed and ready, now that he’s had the majority of a season and an entire offseason to prepare and get acclimated.


The other reason I think you can expect a return to the production he enjoyed in Buffalo? Tarvaris Jackson. He isn’t that great and needs the running game to produce for him to produce. Plus, when he does pass, Lynch is the check down target.


Lynch is too multi-faceted, too young, to not at least have 1,000 yards. And, in the perfect offense for his skill set.