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Arian Foster Is The New Domanick Davis

Image Credit: AJ Guel

Something about Arian Foster just makes me nervous. In a recent draft I held the number one pick, and I eschewed selecting the consensus number one overall pick of Foster, selecting Tom Brady instead. At the time, I wasn’t sure why I was so adverse to Foster. But then after his hamstring injury it hit me; Foster is Domanick Davis, version 2.0.

Domanick Davis was the Texans dual threat running back from 2003 to 2005. He burst on the scene as a rookie with a 1,031 yard, 8 TD, 47 reception season and became one of the best young backs in the league. He followed that up with 1,188 yards and 13 TD on the ground, with 68 catches for 588 yards and an additional receiving TD.  He was the “can’t miss” fantasy back heading into 2005 and thru 11 games that year he totaled 976 yards on the ground to go with 39 receptions for 337 yards and five TDs. In that 11th game he injured his knee and never played again, leaving the scene as fast as he arrived.

The season Foster had in 2010 is eerily similar to Davis’ 2004 season. Foster had 1,616 yards and 16 TD on the ground, combined with 66 catches for 604 yards and another two scores, leading the league in total yards. And now with a hamstring injury that could cause him to miss anywhere from one to four weeks, the similarity to Davis is even more apparent.

While it isn’t as significant as Davis’ injury, to you as a fantasy owner it may even be worse. Why? Because it’s a lingering injury that you are going to have to keep tabs on every week. And when he does return to the field, he will no doubt be brought back slowly, which means less production for him and your fantasy team.

If you haven’t drafted your fantasy team yet, I would avoid Foster and see how far he falls.

If you have and own Foster, you have to pick up Ben Tate and Derrick Ward.

With your number one pick you have to go for the sure thing. Drafting a player with a lingering injury to start the year will cause more stress and uncertainty then those pictures you found on Facebook of your wife on a recent “Girls Night”.